Concord Endoscopy Center

Concord Endoscopy Center is a freestanding endoscopy unit specializing in colonoscopy and upper endoscopy procedures. Concord Endoscopy Center is a joint venture between Concord Gastroenterology Inc. LLC, MaryHitchcock Concord, and Concord Hospital and is licensed by the State of New Hampshire.



Why can’t I have red Jello® or red liquids?
Is chicken noodle soup okay on a clear liquid diet?
What can I eat on a low fiber diet?
Why do I need a driver and can I take a taxi home?
Can I work the day before my procedure and before I start the bowel prep?

If you are having a colonoscopy:

How long will bowel prep take?
How do I know if my bowel prep has worked?
What do they do if polyps are found? Do they remove them?
How will I feel after the examination?